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Escalera Ranch HOA
Master Design Committee

The purpose of the Master Design Committee (MDC) is to maintain property values by protecting the environmental and architectural integrity of the Subdivision in accordance with the provisions of the Restrictions and the Master Design Guidelines. Restrictions state that no building, structure, landscape or improvement of any character shall be erected, placed, added to or altered on any lot until the building plans, specifications and a site plan showing the location of the proposed structure or structures have been submitted to and approved by the MDC.
The Master Design Committee has found the plant lists developed by the National Wildflower Research Center "Recommended Species for Central Texas" and "Recommended Species for South Texas" to be inherently compatible with Escalera Ranch. In order to help you and your landscape designer stay in conformance with the Escalera Ranch landscape restrictions, the following references have been provided.
References:  Escalera Ranch - Plant Reference Table

Prior to making any change or improvement(s), any owner planning to change or add to the existing structures or landscape on a lot must submit an improvement request form in writing to the MDC stating the details of the intended change, improvement or need for variance and attaching samples or plans to more clearly describe the projected change or addition.
NEW HOME CONSTRUCTION Approval to Construct a New home involves more planning and requires extra steps when compared to making improvements to an existing home. Each Owner is solely responsible for complying with the construction submission procedures in accordance with the provisions of the Restrictions and the Master Design Guidelines. The procedures consist of the following steps:
  1. Builder Approval: The MDC must approve ALL builders prior to the commencement of any New Home construction. The builder approval process could take as long as ninety (90) days; therefore, it is recommended the owner submit the builder for approval as early as possible. The builder approval step is not required if the owner decides to use a pre-approved builder

    Downloads:  Builder Approval Application Form      Pre-Approved Builder List
  2. Pre-Design Meeting: To initiate the review and approval process prior to preparing any drawings for a proposed improvement, it is necessary that the Owner and/or his Architect meet with the Chairman of the Master Design Committee to discuss the proposed residence and to explore and resolve any questions regarding building requirements or interpretation of the Master Design Guidelines or the design review process. This informal review is to offer guidance prior to the initiation of preliminary design. An appointment for the Pre-Design Meeting should be requested at least one week in advance.

    For Meeting Requests or Questions to the MDC, send email to:  
    MDC Chairman;  mdc-chairman@escaleraranch.com
  3. Preliminary Submittal: Preliminary drawings, including a site plan, roof plan and elevations, must be submitted to the Master Design Committee. The owner must also provide copies of Master Design Guidelines to their Architect or Designer for their use. A preliminary staking of the corners of the residence will also be required in this step.

    Downloads:Master Design Guidelines
  4. Final Submittal: After preliminary approval is obtained, final drawings and material specifications, including site plans, complete construction documents and color/material samples, must be submitted to the Master Design Committee. The owner must also provide copies of drive entry and mailbox specifications to their Architect or Designer for inclusion to site plan.

    Downloads: Plan Approval Checklist
  5. Pre-Construction Meeting: Once the final submittal is approved, the Owner and their Builder will meet with the Master Design Committee to review the Construction Guidelines. A Pre-Construction Checklist of guidelines will be reviewed for sign-off.

    Downloads: Pre-Construction Checklist          Compliance Agreement