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Escalera Ranch HOA
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The philosophy of Escalera Ranch is to create and maintain a "Hill Country" way of life by the subtle blending of the built environment into a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing community. Preservation of the natural environment is the unifying visual theme throughout Escalera Ranch.

The Master Design Guidelines have been developed to communicate the philosophy of developing with sensitivity toward the preservation and maintenance of the environment. It is the intent of the development philosophy, the residential architectural standard, and the design guidelines to preserve, protect, and enhance the special environment of Escalera Ranch.

All homes are built of native stone and standing seam metal roofs to reflect the regional Hill Country architecture. Residents are encouraged to incorporate the beauty and practicality of old-time Hill Country living into their homes, with ideas such as big porches, tall elegant windows and fenced gardens.

Each lot or home site in Escalera Ranch has been divided into three areas: a Conservancy Area, a Native Area, and a Developable Area that includes the building envelope.

The Conservancy Area has been created to provide a natural zone of undisturbed landscape to provide privacy and a noise buffer between residences as well as a habitat refuge for wildlife at Escalera Ranch. This area typically consists of a 25-foot strip along the side and rear lot lines.

The Native Area consists of half of the overall lot, including the conservancy Area. Lot owners are encouraged to trim and remove underbrush and Juniper in the native area while preserving existing trees and mature healthy shrubs.

The Developable Area consists of the remaining half of the overall lot area and includes the building envelope. Landscaping should be carefully planned to integrate well with the natural area, utilizing a combination of indigenous plants.

Located 1.5 miles East of Parmer on FM2243 (Leander Rd), Click on map to get directions.